Wednesday, August 29, 2007

way too late

yes, it is way too late. look at the time of my post. why am i still up?

i'll tell you why.

since getting up at about 6:15 this morning (15 minutes later than i wanted) i've been going non-stop.

get to school early.

set up my room.

almost throw my interwrite board across the room because it won't work.

have 2 glorious classes.

work on interwrite more...still doesn't work.

have lunch.

have 2 very stressful, loud, obnoxious classes.

work on interwrite more...still doesn't work. (technology support is coming to help soon!)

have a boring pre-ap class.

pick up jacob.

race home to the restroom.

leave to go check out the house.

go eat dinner.

come home and give jacob a bath.

grade 100+ papers.

enter 100+ grades.

and this brings me to now.

both my boys are asleep. jacob in his bed and jerry on the floor waiting for me to wake him to move to our bed.

and i'm still up.

by the way...3rd day of school...i wore jeans, t-shirt and flip flops!

ridiculous, i know. but for the past two days i've been wearing heels and i can't seem to get back in the swing of them. i think it has something to do with being pregnant...maybe.

yesterday, i started having major back pain shooting down into my thigh. i thought i would die. it lasted from 1st period until around 6th. hence, the comfy clothes today.

you should also know we had like 13 administrators walking around our campus today.

i'm sure they were thrilled with me.

okay, i'm rambling.



kj said...

poor thing. i hope you get some rest. i miss you friend!

Wendy said...

No pregnant woman should have to wear heels. You keep going in those flip flops.

La said...

You need some of those new Cole Haan shoes that look all nice and fancy with heels but they have Nike technology in them so they feel like sneakers.

A couple of years ago I had the sandals they made and they were soooo comfortable. At the time, they hadn't come out with the heels. And don't worry - they're probably only around $100 or so. =) Cheap enough to get several pair, right???

ree said...

Good news: Today's Thursday, so just one more day til your long weekend!
Yikes! It's the first week of school and the count down to any kind of holiday has already begun...oops!

kdp said...

i am amazed. on the first week of school i am in bed by ten. don't know how you do it. you are my new hero.

p.s. and that's wearing teacher marme shoes.

marme said...

kimmie, I know you mean't teacher MARM shoes...

ree said...

Oh, now, that's funny!

no_iffer said...

You're doing an awesome job, I am sure. For one, you teach with your door open which I still don't do for fear people will realize what a horrible teacher I am. Two, I heard two students talking about Miss Ramirez and how cool she was - I had to think for a minute who miss ramirez was though! That just sounded funny.
We have to see each other more! Maybe we should have sonic dates after school or something. We could whine about students, pregnancies, and being tired...And drink Dr. Pepper even though we shouldn't!

crys said...

i am so up for those sonic dates!

and they really said that about me??? aww...

beautiful chaos said...

Yes, they really did say you were cool. You're "coolness in a cute pair of jeans" don't reject the title - OWN IT!!
hey! I want to get together... Chris is closing all week. I start work on Wednesday. Saturday is his b-day. I know he'd want to hang out if he wasn't working. I'll email you his schedule and we'll work something out...

CG said...

Hope this week is so much better! God Bless!