Saturday, August 11, 2007

new room

yesterday, i spent almost the entire day working on my classroom! the air conditioner was not on in the room. it felt like a sauna! luckily someone let me borrow their fan. that helped a little. i thought i would post some before and after pics so you could see the progress.

don't worry. i didn't do any of the heavy lifting. i had my wonderful husband there for that, of course! thanks, hun!

here's what i walked into.

this is after unloading my car. i'm fortunate (or unfortunate) to not have much stuff accumulated yet.

and here's after all day of working. i know it only looks like the desks are rearranged, but if you look closely you can see border hanging around the back two white boards and a poster hung on the left side. believe me, arranging the desks was no easy task!

here's my work space. of course, there's nothing on the shelves yet. that will all be done next week. we rearranged many times trying to get the right set up. what did it center around?? my computer, of course. i had to be able to see the students and my laptop all at the same time.

here's my bulletin board as you walk in the room. the left side houses a calendar and i will post birthdays. the right side will eventually also say "important stuff".

oh, and here's a random picture of my baby boy who obviously didn't have enough water time yesterday.

none of this would've happened if it hadn't been for kdp and her girls! thanks so much for keeping my boy ALL day! it would've been a different story had he been with me.

thanks again!


PB&J said...

How fun. I have never experienced the anticipation that must come going into a new school year. Well I have, but never as a teacher. I am so glad that you moved to a new place that you can enjoy.

no_iffer said...

Your room is looking great! Its already putting mine to shame! See ya tomorrow..and tuesday...and thursday and friday and for the rest of forever! :)

Where does the time go!!!!

kdp said...

you are so welcome. it was sooooo much fun. hey did the shirt not work? or was he that red from the day before?

anyway it was my pleasure.