Wednesday, August 29, 2007

way too late

yes, it is way too late. look at the time of my post. why am i still up?

i'll tell you why.

since getting up at about 6:15 this morning (15 minutes later than i wanted) i've been going non-stop.

get to school early.

set up my room.

almost throw my interwrite board across the room because it won't work.

have 2 glorious classes.

work on interwrite more...still doesn't work.

have lunch.

have 2 very stressful, loud, obnoxious classes.

work on interwrite more...still doesn't work. (technology support is coming to help soon!)

have a boring pre-ap class.

pick up jacob.

race home to the restroom.

leave to go check out the house.

go eat dinner.

come home and give jacob a bath.

grade 100+ papers.

enter 100+ grades.

and this brings me to now.

both my boys are asleep. jacob in his bed and jerry on the floor waiting for me to wake him to move to our bed.

and i'm still up.

by the way...3rd day of school...i wore jeans, t-shirt and flip flops!

ridiculous, i know. but for the past two days i've been wearing heels and i can't seem to get back in the swing of them. i think it has something to do with being pregnant...maybe.

yesterday, i started having major back pain shooting down into my thigh. i thought i would die. it lasted from 1st period until around 6th. hence, the comfy clothes today.

you should also know we had like 13 administrators walking around our campus today.

i'm sure they were thrilled with me.

okay, i'm rambling.


Monday, August 27, 2007

first day

so, here i am in the middle of my 3rd period conference. i've had two classes so far. 1st period with a total of 6...yes, 6 students and 2nd with a total of 25 (supposed to be 29).

i had like 6 teachers stop in my first period class in awe of the size.

things are going good so far. so different from high school. my kids have actually carried on a conversation with me today about school instead of about drugs or partying or such.

i have three classes to go. i get nervous for each one. so funny.

tomorrow is the true test. i'll actually start teaching!

right now, i'm feeling the faint kicks of an almost 17-week old baby inside me. they started last week. i just love that feeling. i feel like i should be at least 5 months already by the size of my belly, yet i'm only going on 4!

anyway, totally different post.

for those teachers who are reading this...GET BACK TO WORK!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


okay, i know it's sunday and my last post was from tuesday.

i'm sorry!!

i've been way busy.

the only reason you're getting this much is because i'm waiting for our frozen pizza to be cooked in the oven and jerry and jacob are watching tv.

school starts tomorrow...TOMORROW!

where did the summer go?

oh, pizza's done.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

house update

august 16

august 16 (jacob in his room...or baby's room)

august 20

august 21

the process is slowing down. i'm quite disappointed. i just want it to be finished already!


so, i went for my free sonogram today at the pregnancy help center. (really educational, by the way.)

there were three nurses, i believe, "practicing" on me so we got to see the baby alot. it was quite fun!

the head nurse took over at the end and got really good pictures.

i told her she could tell us the gender if it miraculously appeared. she said the baby probably wouldn't be showing that to us today. toward the end, it was hiding beside my incredibly full bladder in which they kept pushing on to try to get the baby to move!

this was one of the last pictures she got. sorry for the blur, but it's a picture of a picture.

any ideas what it is??

(hint: the biggest part on the right is the butt and the two extensions are legs. guess what's in the middle!!)

now, i'm only 16 weeks, so this is definitely early. i have my "official" sonogram on september 17. i'll let you know if we have confirmation or not.

Monday, August 20, 2007

just for a.

i know, i know. things are crazy. my blog is boring!!

i can't help it!

getting back to work has not been easy for me. my mind is racing all about school and planning and decorating and...

anyway, about the only news i have is our house is coming along. here's some pictures of the past few days. although i drove by today and they have more done, but i left my camera in the car and i am just too lazy to go out and get it. so enjoy what you get!

august 9

august 10

august 13

august 13 (some of the inside)

august 14

as of today, they have the flat part of the roof going. hopefully they'll get the eaves going tomorrow.

Saturday, August 18, 2007



stone family life center

2:00 p.m.

be there or be square!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hodge podge

what i should be doing at this moment is working on my room...specifically making copies of the bajillion pages of notes and worksheets that the other math teachers put together last year. i was supposed to already have a copy, but apparently the teacher that left took it with her.


i can't seem to do anything but sit in my chair and stare at things.

mainly because i have this incredible sense of uneasiness.

it doesn't help that i dropped jacob off for his second day of "school" this morning only to leave him screaming as i walked out the door. yesterday, he just ran off and started playing. of course, i was heartbroken then because he didn't even care to tell me bye. but the thought of my baby not wanting to stay somewhere for whatever's a new place, he didn't have a good time yesterday, he just wants to be with his kills me. it's an entirely different heartbreak. i have to fight the urge to drive over there right now and pick him up. i'm sure once i got there he wouldn't want to leave because he was having such a good time. it saddens me so much.

i also cannot get my husband off my mind. he's only been gone one night and we have two more to go. i don't know if i can make it. i just want to call him and tell him he's needed at home. who cares about his job. of course, that's not even an option, but i wish. aside from the almost unbearable fear i have of staying at home by myself, i can't shake this feeling of aloneness right now. i want him to be here with me, hold me, tell me everything is okay. ask me why i'm crying and tell me it's okay when i say i don't know.

dear Jesus,
if there's even the slightest possibility that my husband could come home tomorrow, please make it happen. i feel lost without him.
and more importantly, wrap Your comforting arms around my little boy right now. make this transition easy for him (and me). help him to dive in and love every minute.
Lord, give me the confidence to be a good teacher this year. give me the wisdom i need and the character to portray You through me.
thank you for this living being growing inside me. continue to keep it healthy and prospering. (and please let the sonogram reveal what we're having on september 17!)
please be with the workers as they build our new home. help them to have sturdy hands and strong morals to do the job properly.
Lord, thank you for this blog. what a blessing is has been to me...the words You provide through others are so amazing. You do work through everything.
finally, dear Jesus, wrap Your comforting arms around me. help me to feel Your overwhelming sense of joy and peace.
i love you.

it's a no go

alright...pool date officially off.

i know we're all busy and sick and busy and sick and...

well, i'm just busy. as nice as it would be to hang out one last time before school starts, the timing is not good for the majority.

plus, my room's still not done, i have no food at home, i'll be running out of clothes soon...i should do the responsible thing and stay home.

we'll have to get together on a weekend or weeknight sometime soon when all is calm.

don't let me down

okay, guys. i know this whole "bug" thing is going around. i'm just posting to see if i'm going to have company at our pool date tomorrow??

please say you're coming! it's my last day off! i need to have a little relaxation time...(as if going to the pool with a 2-year old could be relaxing.)

who's in??

Sunday, August 12, 2007

thanks, w.

i tried the whole digital scrapbooking thing. here's my first page. i only have a trial version of adobe so i don't know if i'll be able to keep it up. i love the things you can do with the pages though. thanks again, w., for the info and websites!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

new room

yesterday, i spent almost the entire day working on my classroom! the air conditioner was not on in the room. it felt like a sauna! luckily someone let me borrow their fan. that helped a little. i thought i would post some before and after pics so you could see the progress.

don't worry. i didn't do any of the heavy lifting. i had my wonderful husband there for that, of course! thanks, hun!

here's what i walked into.

this is after unloading my car. i'm fortunate (or unfortunate) to not have much stuff accumulated yet.

and here's after all day of working. i know it only looks like the desks are rearranged, but if you look closely you can see border hanging around the back two white boards and a poster hung on the left side. believe me, arranging the desks was no easy task!

here's my work space. of course, there's nothing on the shelves yet. that will all be done next week. we rearranged many times trying to get the right set up. what did it center around?? my computer, of course. i had to be able to see the students and my laptop all at the same time.

here's my bulletin board as you walk in the room. the left side houses a calendar and i will post birthdays. the right side will eventually also say "important stuff".

oh, and here's a random picture of my baby boy who obviously didn't have enough water time yesterday.

none of this would've happened if it hadn't been for kdp and her girls! thanks so much for keeping my boy ALL day! it would've been a different story had he been with me.

thanks again!

coming along

they FINALLY started framing our house! here's a couple of pictures of the beginnings. these are of the front of the house, if you couldn't tell.

Friday, August 10, 2007


why even bother after the list kj posted?? what will happen when you have children??

jerry -- hun -- that's it...that's all i got. boring, i know.

jacob -- booger, baby, goofy boy

me -- beautiful, sexy momma (all by jerry, of course.)

i just realized how boring we are. we're going to have to start thieving from your lists!

thanks for the realization, seph!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

ode to a.

i just wanted to give a little praise where it is due.

you are such an amazing woman. you continually put yourself out there like no one else. i have enjoyed so much getting to visit with you and know you better. you always know exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right it funny or serious. (usually crack me up!) thank you so much for opening your home up to us. you have begun a special ministry here. i hope we can continue as our lives get busier.

maybe we can even get our "mexican" husbands together sometime!

here's to you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

poor, pitiful, sick boy

jacob woke up on sunday morning and had a small, nasally voice. i immediately gave him some medicine in hopes of catching it before it became a full blown cold.

things were looking good until today.

his nose is running like crazy.

he hasn't had a nap and it's already 4:30.

he just keeps saying "uh oh" every few minutes when he feels the snot rolling down his face.

he wants to be held...wait, no he doesn't.

such a pitiful sight.

(even in all this pity...he still asks to go play at the PARK! thanks, kdp.)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

how much better can it get?

jerry has been working non-stop these days trying to get things done at the office. he's constantly taking on new projects and has to be the best at everything!

he decided to volunteer to work this weekend to help with some of the remodeling at his office. they would pay him really well and it would help us out.

he's been working for 2 days straight on this...not to mention the entire week before on normal accounting stuff.

today, i come home from church and what do i find??

the entire house cleaned top to bottom!

where is he now?

mowing the neighbor's yard!

where did i find this guy?!?!

(of course, i do feel a LITTLE bad that i haven't taken the initiative to clean on one of my many days off.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

just cute pics

okay, so he's not one, but he used to be!

his new favorite hiding spot.

on the way to his playdate...looking so cool.

my personal favorite. how cute is he?!?!

jacob's new toy

we bought this for jacob with some of his birthday money...never thinking to measure it.
(note how far his right foot is from the pedal. poor guy. he's cursed with short legs.)

as requested...

okay, here's last month's picture and the 3 month picture (a few days early) you can compare!

there goes my body!!
there is quite a difference, but my goal is continue my pictures in these jeans as long as possible! i'm thinking maybe one more month oughtta do it. =(


here's what i'm thinking...

is my life so uneventful that i don't even have 2 lines to post on my blog??

apparentely so!