Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new nephew

my baby sister had her second baby today. his name is shaun michael. he weighed 6.5 pounds and was 19 inches long.

i wish i had her baby picture. he looks just like her!

congrats, christy and big sister lexi!

morning conversation

every morning after i take my shower, i go to the kitchen and get some breakfast. after that, i go back to my room where two of my loves are sleeping, (yes, jacob sleeps with us alot) and i sit in my rocking chair. while i'm eating, i read my bible.

this morning, i decided to eat my breakfast and THEN read. i always seem to be distracted by a million other things going on in my head. so as i'm eating, i'm praying. i'm asking God why i am always so distracted? why can i not just focus?

Him: "because you try to do more than one thing at a time."

me: "i'm a mom. i have to multi-task."

Him: "don't I deserve your undivided attention? if you would just sit and listen to me, I have something for you."

me: no answer.

i open my bible. i've been reading through the psalms lately. i turn to psalm 38. verse 15 in the message says

"What I do, God, is wait for you, wait for my Lord, my God—you will answer!"

yes He will.

Friday, May 22, 2009

five years

five years ago today, i married the man of my dreams.

it feels like yesterday.

i remember trying my wedding dress on for the first time...perfect fit.

i remember planning the took about two weeks. :)

i remember the biggest wedding shower ever...seriously, people left early because there were so many gifts.

i remember the best bachelorette party...cute clothes, cheddar's, fun painted glasses, and bath salts.

i remember the embarassing lingerie shower...i had to model. :/

i remember the most beautiful bridal breakfast...perfect start to the wedding day.

i remember getting ready...calm as a cucumber.

i remember walking down that hall with my dad...he was so nervous.

i remember seeing my smiling fiance as i approached of my life.

i remember saying our vows...never missed a beat.

i remember being pronounced husband and wife...glorious moment.

i remember a perfectly decorated apartment for our wedding night...thanks to my friends.

i remember a relaxing honeymoon...just us.

i remember coming home and starting our life together...together forever.

my love,
what an incredible journey we have experienced so far. in a short five years, we've added two incredible boys, a wonderful home, great friends. i can't wait to see what the next five years have to bring. i love you so much my heart hurts. there's nothing more i want to do than just be with you. i can't wait for our weekend away.
i love you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

part of my heart is gone.

i watched my babies drive off this morning with my parents knowing that i won't be seeing them again until monday.

i seriously think it never gets any easier to part with them. i want to cry every time.

it's bittersweet.

jerry and i will be married 5 years tomorrow. we're going to have a weekend away.

our plan:
  • we'll leave as soon as i get off tomorrow and head for boerne.
  • we're staying with kylah and mike friday night. yay!
  • saturday morning, the boys are golfing at la cantera, and us girls are going to shop...or whatever we feel like.
  • saturday night, jerry and i are staying at la cantera. i can't wait! it's such a nice hotel. we're spoiling ourselves.
  • not sure the plan for sunday yet. probably sleep in and have a late breakfast.
  • sunday night, we'll be having burgers with kylah and mike and their neighbors.
  • monday morning, we'll leave to meet my parents and pick up my boys.

i really can't wait! for one, i get alone time with my husband. and two, i get to hang out with my friend. always good times!

but i really miss my babies. :/

Friday, May 1, 2009

we're home!

we got home about an hour ago. hallelujah!

casen is so happy. he's running around like crazy.

thank you so much for all of your prayers. God was definitely listening.

we went from "it's pneumonia. you're going to be in the hospital for three days." diagnosis, to "it's a virus with mild pneumonia. you'll be in for a couple of days." diagnosis, to "wow, he's responding well to treatment! you get to go home!" diagnosis, all in a day and a half.

thank you, Jesus!

we'll be continuing breathing treatments regularly at home. he's also been put on some sort of inhaler to prevent such things again, and an oral steroid to strengthen his lungs.

jacob's also on the steroid and breathing treatments just to be safe.

man, it's been a year so far.