Tuesday, February 27, 2007


so, here's what i'm thinking...

brad pitt is hot!

okay, true, but not really the point.

being a wife and a mother is so very hard. i am constantly torn between spending time with my baby boy and my husband.

how does one balance that and stay sane??

i'm driving to work this morning thinking..."i should surprise jerry tonight and plan a date for us".

then, i'm thinking..."but i have so much to do, like laundry and cooking and the list goes on, and i don't want to leave jacob."

this is a battle that i know will never end.

imagine when another comes along...

that's a whole other blog in itself!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Here's Jacob on the day he came home sick...

He looks pretty sick to me, don't you think?!

He seems to be a little undecided on whether he wants to play baseball or golf.

And here he is at the park...on the day he was sick...
How sweet is the look on his face?!
He is my joy.

Though he looks pretty okay in these pics, for the past couple of days, he has been battling a fever and a severely sore throat. It is so pitiful to see him try to cough, only to stop halfway because it hurts so bad.

We thought we might get some sleep last night because he spent the entire day at the lake with his Papa and Grandma.

We thought wrong.

Another night of waking up to a foot in the mouth or head in the back about every 30 minutes. We've debated on whether to take him to the emergency room or hold off until Monday. After our last experience at the Shannon ER, we are very hesitant.

About 4 a.m., he finally went to sleep and slept until 7:30. Of course, that was little comfort to my husband, who left for work around 5 a.m.

He is now sitting on the living room floor watching Shrek. Yes, Shrek. We see this movie at least twice a day! I'm just happy he's occupied at the moment and not screaming.

There are times, as a mother, that I feel so helpless and at a loss. Whenever I can't comfort or calm my own's the worst feeling.

On the other hand, to see him look at a "horsey" the way he did in the picture up top...that feeling is pure joy.

He brings me joy...

Thursday, February 22, 2007


At the swift persuasion of my I am...creating my very own blog.

The only reason I have more than two seconds to sit at my computer to even do this is because my precious baby boy is home sick today. His sitter called this morning and said he had a 103 degree fever. Being the paranoid mom that I am, I took off work immediately to go get him. He is now sweetly lying in his parents' bed taking, what I would bet money on, a very short nap.

I laid down with him earlier to get him to go to sleep. He just rolled over on his side pitifully and snuggled up next to me. Moments like those, I treasure deeply. As much as it breaks my heart to see him sick, in these times, I am his comforter. All he wants is for me to hold him next to me while he sleeps. But soon, the sickness will pass and I will be nothing but his mom...the one that laughs at everything he does and he laughs back at just to humor me.

These moments are like none other.

Such a sweet, precious boy...