Tuesday, August 7, 2007

poor, pitiful, sick boy

jacob woke up on sunday morning and had a small, nasally voice. i immediately gave him some medicine in hopes of catching it before it became a full blown cold.

things were looking good until today.

his nose is running like crazy.

he hasn't had a nap and it's already 4:30.

he just keeps saying "uh oh" every few minutes when he feels the snot rolling down his face.

he wants to be held...wait, no he doesn't.

such a pitiful sight.

(even in all this pity...he still asks to go play at the PARK! thanks, kdp.)


kj said...

please, oh please, tell me that he is not sick because of me, the one who loves him dearly...

i really hope he is doing okay. thanks for the trip to the junction.

love the new pictures!

PB&J said...

I really hope J. is feeling better. Nice new family picture. Lookin good. Did you get a new do?