Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a plan.

tomorrow i will be 34 weeks pregnant. it seriously feels like i should be at least 38 weeks. i'm just so ready. SO ready.

i went to the doctor today. before my appointment, i considered calling labor and delivery because i noticed mya's activity had decreased quite a bit compared to any other day. for a while, i just sat and pushed on my belly. i could feel her body, but nothing i did would get her to move. i was a little freaked out, to say the least. she finally gave me a kick and i had a slight sense of relief.

i went in at my normal time and told the nurse what was going on. anytime you say "decreased activity" when you're pregnant, you apparently get to be hooked up to a monitor for 20 or 30 minutes. it wasn't a bad deal considering my doctor 's on-call days are tuesdays and she had been called over to the hospital for a while anyway.

turns out, everything was okay. mya was apparently just sleeping well...something she rarely does. seriously. the child is always moving. nonetheless, heart rate was good, and she was moving more while i was hooked up to the monitor. doctor said she's an a+ baby. :)

she asked if i had any questions. i immediately said, "what are the chances of inducing early?" i'm in no hurry, as you can see.

she said we could induce at 39 weeks, which would be march 30. it's on the books. done.

so long as my body is "ready", that is.

so, that's the of now.

i've had two inductions so far and don't really foresee this pregnancy being any different. i'd kinda like to have the whole surprise labor starting experience, but i'm not willing to wait for it. :)

again, i'm in absolutely no hurry.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


after posting on saturday that the bedding should arrive sometime that day, it only figures that it didn't. in fact, it didn't make it until yesterday. i've been stalking the ups website for over two weeks now waiting for it to come in. so frustrating.

but it's here now. so, without further ado, i present to you mya's (almost complete, but still lacking a few small detail items) nursery.

the view from the door and a close-up of the poms hanging from the ceiling. jerry is totally paranoid about one of these things falling from the ceiling and mya getting caught in the monofilament they're hanging from. touchy subject. :)

 the long-awaited bedding. i LOVE it! the ivory bumper and skirt are perfectly simple against the printed sheet. i plan to acquire a couple of other sheets in different patterns to have for back-up when accidents happen.

close-up of the sheet print. it's amy butler fabric. if you've never looked at her collection, you should!

 view from the other side of the crib.

some of the wall decor. this looks much smaller in the picture. in reality, it takes up the majority of the largest wall in her room. i'm in love with the whole arrangement. i still need more "stuff" for the dresser. i just need new places to shop. hopefully an upcoming trip to san antonio will solve that.

 the inside of her toybox currently filled with random stuff...bottles, blankets, sleepers, toys, etc.

other wall decor. this shelf hangs over the right corner of her bed next to a large mirror. i'm not totally satisfied with it, but this is the stuff i have to occupy it for now. the basket with the miniature poms hangs next to the closet door.

 the top drawer of the changing table (which i realized i didn't post a picture of and probably won't because i'm too lazy right now to take one, edit it and insert it in this post) is filled with the tiniest diapers ever. it's amazing how so many details get forgotten as your kids grow up. i can't imagine her being so small that she will need these tiny things.

this shelf hangs to the right of her closet door, and this "m" hangs over the left corner of her crib above the blue side table shown in a previous post.

 and last is the poorest excuse for a girl's closet i have ever seen. i'm not sure what's wrong with me. other than not having a ton of extra money to spend right now, i can see no other reason why i have not filled this thing to the brim with girls' clothes. again, hopefully that san antonio trip will solve this.

so the nursery is definitely on it's way to being ready for my girl. i would not be in any way heartbroken if she decided to arrive before i get it finished. :)

more valentine's stuff.

seeing as how i am officially a stay-at-home mom now, i've tried to embrace the role. i'm still learning how to cope without a set routine everyday, and that will most definitely be worse once this girl gets here...if ever! :) nonetheless, i've really tried to play the part, especially when it comes to the boys' school. i make cupcakes and go on field trips and attend all of their parties. valentine's was no exception.

i decided i would make the boys' valentines this year...right down to the envelopes. i had a different plan in mind, but couldn't find the right supplies, so this is what we ended up with.
6-inch square pieces of valentine-themed scrapbook paper. (6-inch because my paper is 12 in x 12 in, and all i did was fold it in half and half again and then cut. no measuring.)

plain white cardstock rectangles...for simplicity.

valentine's m&m's. i probably ate all of these after i took the picture.

wallet-sized valentine cards of my sweet boys. i made a "be mine" sign and took pictures of them on our bed. the black, white and gray decor in our room just seemed to go well. plus their bare feet were totally cute.

scissors, pencil and two-sided tape.

valentine's stickers to seal the envelopes.

i folded the paper to form the really wasn't as tedious as i thought it was going to be to make 40+ of these darling things. i stuffed in a valentine and had jacob count out 14 m&m's to put in each. (he got the reasoning right boy. :))

we sealed the envelope with the sticker. 

i had jacob pre-write the names, and then we taped them to the front of the envelopes. silver is his favorite color. i guess we should add a silver marker to the supply list.

and we ended up with this cute stack of handmade valentines.

valentine's fun.

me, my boys, some flimsy letters, and a self timer...this is the best we could get after multiple attempts.
it was part of jerry's valentine from us.

Friday, February 11, 2011

almost an update.

Mya's bedding should be in today! It apparently got stuck in "adverse weather conditions" in Mesquite.

I can't wait! The room will be more on the complete side than not. Once it's in and I'm positive I'm in love with it, I'll post full nursery pics.

Now, all we need is a baby girl. My readiness (read: totally-over-pregnancy attitude) is a whole other post.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

casen's third birthday.

the birthday boy.

his big present.

playing with jacob and his cousins, jaycee and garet.

the cake.

that spiderman actually spun around the cake. too cool.

the food setup.

lots of kids on that trampoline. surprisingly, i think we made it without one injury. :)

he's a little dramatic.


quite excited about lightning mcqueen.

and money. :)

i don't think he had even seen what this was at this point. just happy to be opening presents. :)

sleepy boy.

hey, mom does exist! :)

snow day.

i was quite excited this morning when my alarm went off at 6 and i checked the saisd site to find out school was delayed 2 hours. for us, if saisd is delayed, my boys don't go to school at all. seeing as how they are only there til 1:30 at the latest, there's not much point in going anyway.

needless to say, i rolled back over and went to sleep...for a short time. jacob was up soon after that amazed by the snow.

as much as i HATE cold weather, i do have two little boys and keeping them inside all day long while there's snow sitting on the ground outside is just torture...for both of us. :)

so we bundled up and went out.
they, of course, began by tasting the snow.

jacob then attempted to make a snow angel. the snow was incredibly hard since we had a mix of rain, sleet and snow last night. not very good snow to play in.

then they threw very small snow balls at each other.

they then decided maybe they should stomp on the snow to break it up. good idea.

sweet boys.

another failed attempt at a snow angel.

guess who he's coming for now!


they finished with more snow tasting, and then we came in to thaw out.

jacob asked if he could do this again when it year...certainly! :)