Thursday, April 12, 2012


One year...and a birthday party to prove it.

miss sassy girl.

here are her one-year stats:
  • 19 pounds 10 ounces. (quite a jump from last month. she's definitely been eating better.)
  • 28 inches. (she's been the same height for a few months now.)
  • 18.5 inch head. (at least her head's growing.)
  • blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. (i think it's safe to say these will remain.)
  • once again, has only two teeth.
  • and we're back to sporadic napping.
  • says momma but mostly only grunts...especially at dogs.
  • is nowhere close to walking. we finally have random correct crawling. mostly still scooting though.
  • it's time to move her mattress down a level. she's only pulling up on her knees, but that's enough to send her over the edge of her crib.
  • has one favorite toy. we keep it in the car. she smiles the biggest smile every time she gets it.
  • plays peekaboo. cutest.thing.ever.
  • gives hugs to her brothers, but then immediately pushes them away.
  • is REALLY fond of momma. geez. i can't even step a foot away from her without her crying.
  • loves her papa's pen and air gauge. as soon as she sees him, her eyes go straight to his shirt pocket.
  • snacks a lot more now. weight increase attests to that.
  • is now on cow's milk. we're going with 2%. had major issues with whole.
  • loves attention. and there's no shortage of that.

so big.

green eyes due to the hue of the picture. i'm too tired to fix that right now.

here are the pics from her first birthday. i'm SO glad it's over. this thing consumed my mind for months.

the main table.

birthday girl.


and again.

her cake.

a close-up.

the cupcakes. if you didn't hear that story, let's just say it was quite the debacle.

there were plain vanilla cupcakes along with angel food...both with vanilla frosting.

fruit salsa with cinnamon-sugar pita chips.

lemon bars.

faux canvas.

lemonade and tea served in fabric-wrapped mason jars.

cucumber sandwiches.

ham and cheese sliders.

the inside of the cake. all vanilla but colored various shades of pink with food coloring.

new car swing from papa and grandma.

happy first birthday, baby girl! momma loves.