Monday, August 20, 2007

just for a.

i know, i know. things are crazy. my blog is boring!!

i can't help it!

getting back to work has not been easy for me. my mind is racing all about school and planning and decorating and...

anyway, about the only news i have is our house is coming along. here's some pictures of the past few days. although i drove by today and they have more done, but i left my camera in the car and i am just too lazy to go out and get it. so enjoy what you get!

august 9

august 10

august 13

august 13 (some of the inside)

august 14

as of today, they have the flat part of the roof going. hopefully they'll get the eaves going tomorrow.


Kylah said...

hurray! that is so exciting! i'm so proud for you and the boys!

beautiful chaos said...

Awesome! I drove by it last night, it is amazing how fast those things go up...
I can already envision your tv above the fireplace. with the Cowboys playing...