Friday, January 28, 2011

mya adley

here's a very long video (15 minutes, to be exact) mostly of our sweet baby girl's face. she was smashed up against me the whole time and refused to move. stubborn girl already. feel free to fast forward. there's also some pictures at the beginning of her taking measurements and proving that she's still a girl. :) the sonographer did say she currently weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces and is measuring right on track...30 weeks 1 day. oh, and she also said she has a rather "round" head and chubby cheeks. (i think that's code for big.)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I seem to be having an issue with our postal service delivering casen's birthday invitations. I know of at least two people who never got theirs and I got another one returned to me today.
So, if you normally attend my kids' birthday parties and you haven't gotten an invitation, sorry!

Here's the info...

This Saturday
4:00 pm
Our house

See ya there!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the latest little details.

on a freezing cold hunt today through an antique shop, i found this. i believe it will adorn the dresser and hold other future findings.
then there's this. i actually ordered this from etsy. probably the first of many i plan to acquire.

and then there's treasure. this doll was given to me by my great uncle before i ever left the hospital in 1981...yes, when i was born. that would make her almost 30 years old. she's soft and adorable and i can still remember the smell that she kept for years. of course, she's a little tattered and stained, but she's one of the only things i have from my childhood. like me, my mom likes change. and she has six kids. keeping too many keepsakes for each child would require her to have a whole separate house to store it all. :)

so i have this baby doll. i don't think i ever gave her a name...just baby. and now she will be my girl's baby. i can't wait.

Monday, January 17, 2011

let the decorating begin.

i'm really struggling right now trying to figure out the exact look i want for mya's room. i've perused a million websites (not much of an exaggeration) and i'm just not finding the look i want. i guess i shouldn't expect another person to have the exact nursery i have pictured in my head right now. nonetheless, that has not hindered me from hours of searching.

anyway, the furniture is all in. i think it's placed where it will stay. now i just need to decorate. i'm at a loss on the bedding. i really just want it to be a creamy, ivory color. no frills or fuss. i also want it to be a reasonable price. that's where it gets tough. but that topic is for a whole other post.

on to today.

here are some things i a start.

a vintage story book and jar (which i plan to fill with colorful buttons or something) and a not-so-vintage "m". and then, of course, the table that they're sitting on. the first picture is a more accurat portrayal of color than the second. (which could bring in a whole other topic of how i've been taking more pictures with my phone lately than my camera. we're not going there now.)
i don't necessarily picture these things staying on this table. in fact, i believe they will more likely be on a shelf on the wall. i am picturing the possibility of a cute lamp or something. along with other things i hope to find soon.

i would also like to find a chair. not necessarily a "nursery chair" for being comfortable when she wakes at night, but something that will just look pretty sitting in the corner of the room. i'm not sure how keen jerry is on my decorating direction right now, but hopefully it will all come together and he'll be impressed.

i do have some prints that i ordered for the walls. as soon as i finish this post, i plan to begin the framing process. again, i have a vision, i just need to get it going.

so, expect further nursery updates as i accomplish small tasks. i'm coming to the realization that even though i feel like i have forever before she gets here, if i don't get a move on, i'm going to have a baby with no bedding and a half-decorated nursery.

be back soon...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

a new start.

so,'s been a while.

i'm not going to go into all the things that have been missed since i last posted...which was in august. rather, i'm just going to start from here.

i had contemplating switching to a new blog at one point, mainly for bigger picture posting, which makes up the majority of my posts. the transition just seemed too complicated. trying to get the new address out there, add it to blog rolls, etc. etc. i give up.

i'm staying here.

plus, my husband is really annoyed with the whole facebook thing and misses my blog. so i'm going to make a point to start anew. and for the next few months, our time with him will be minimal, so keeping him connected through this is important.

here's to a new the blogging world anyway. :)