Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the latest

so casen has been learning quite a few new things lately.

he knows what a puppy says. he knows what a snake says.
he says momma, dada, jacob, trash, kiss, crackers, cookies, juice, thank you, bye bye, car, grass.

those are all great things. unfortunately, he's also learned some not so great things.

he learned how to stand on a toy to climb onto the couch.
and apparently he learned this...

his new favorite spot.

and in case you're wondering where i've suddenly found all the time to post...seeing as how i've posted more in the past week than in the past year...i've mastered the art of getting both boys down for a nap at the same time. i should receive a patch or something. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

new additions

we've added some new things to our house lately. here are a few.
we rearranged casen's room a bit. we put the changing table and dresser together and added his name on the wall. like?
here's casen's new "reading corner". he loves it!
and jerry decided to sell our couches, so we had to get a new one.
it's hard to tell. it's kind of a brownish-red color. so comfy!! perfect napping couch. :)

and i finally ordered pictures from our family session with jenny. these are now in the office. casen looks so different already! it's the hair. oh well.

there are other minor things, but not worthy of posting. jerry keeps making the comment, "i think our house is pretty much decorated, right?" i think he's tired of hanging things. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what is there to say?

okay, i know i'm totally biased, but come on! is there anything cuter than this?

black and white outside fun

casen had a bug on his face...and sand in his hand. :)


so serious.

Monday, June 8, 2009

a real haircut and vacation

remember this picture from the previous post?
well, forget all about it.


are you ready for this?


seriously...are you ready?


today, we got a REAL haircut.

my baby looks like a little boy now! i know most of you were a big fan of the long hair, as was i. i'm really torn here, so only positive comments, please!


tomorrow, we leave for vacation. we're heading to fredericksburg for a day and then on to san antonio until friday. we have plans for the children's museum, zoo, splashtown, riverwalk, and even san marcos for shopping! can't wait to have time away with all my boys!

see you when we return!

sprinkler fun and sneaky boys

this was our first sprinkler run of the summer...and casen's first one ever. it lasted about 15 minutes. he didn't even want to take a bath after. :)

and here's what i found a couple of days ago.
they were a little shocked.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a little late

jacob's "school" had a little graduation ceremony a couple of weeks ago. even though jacob's only finishing another year, he still gets a certificate and a cap. so cute. it was at mr. gatti's, if you couldn't tell.
the cake was bigger than him!
jacob and his cousin, lexi.
my little boy.
so handsome.
fun with daddy.
casen even got in on the games for the first time.
think he was having fun?
he was actually not too bad.

another year gone. this time next year, he'll be graduating for real and getting ready to start kindergarten. my how time flies!