Monday, August 27, 2007

first day

so, here i am in the middle of my 3rd period conference. i've had two classes so far. 1st period with a total of 6...yes, 6 students and 2nd with a total of 25 (supposed to be 29).

i had like 6 teachers stop in my first period class in awe of the size.

things are going good so far. so different from high school. my kids have actually carried on a conversation with me today about school instead of about drugs or partying or such.

i have three classes to go. i get nervous for each one. so funny.

tomorrow is the true test. i'll actually start teaching!

right now, i'm feeling the faint kicks of an almost 17-week old baby inside me. they started last week. i just love that feeling. i feel like i should be at least 5 months already by the size of my belly, yet i'm only going on 4!

anyway, totally different post.

for those teachers who are reading this...GET BACK TO WORK!


Wendy said...

I felt like I got bigger faster the 2nd baby. I also stayed bigger longer. Fun Fun!! Enjoy the rest of your classes.

Meems said...

I'm routing for you. I hope you don't get any kids that acted the way I did in Jr. High.

beautiful chaos said...

I thought about you today. Wondered how your big day was going... How Jacob's day care was working out... What kinds of wonderful things are happening to your other little one... I thought about you a lot today. So much, in fact, I ended up driving by your new house! It's looking great!
Then I started wondering how you and Jerry would feel about me stalking your property on a quasi-daily basis...
It could be worse. Start preparing for unnanounced drop-by's...
You can hardly wait.....

crys said...

i can't hardly wait! i'm so excited to live closer to you! we can see each other all the time!