Saturday, May 5, 2012

outside fun.

after a busy day including soccer and the mother's day tea, we decided it was time to unwind in the backyard with the baby pool, sprinklers and friends.
i've been wondering how mya would react to water other than in the bathtub. i'd really like to live at the pool this summer, but if she's not a fan, i'm out of luck. i stuck her feet in first just to see what she thought.
i think it was a mix of shock and amazement.

and then she discovered she could splash.

after that, she crawled right in.

i'd say she's a fan.

and my goodness, can she get any cuter?!

she obviously got a little thirsty. :)

this is kamryn. she's younger than jacob, just so you know.

maybe he thinks he's under water and needs to hold his breath?

this slide was slick!

one second later and you'd see him on the ground.

like this.

he decided to sit on the sprinkler to wash his bottom off.

good times.
and here's to summer at the pool!