Monday, September 3, 2007

total humiliation

okay, i know you all are dying to see the ENORMOUS expansion of my belly, and i won't let you down.

but i don't know if i can keep this up. i took the 4 month picture today and compared it to the 3 month...i'm quite depressed.

i am still wearing that same pair of jeans though...that's the only positive thing. so far, there has been little expansion on the rest of my body...well, except for...ahum...two parts.

so, enjoy. next month i may not be able to handle the embarassment.
(can you guess which one is from today?) :(


Meems said...

You really are all belly. I can't believe you are still in those jeans. You look great.

beautiful chaos said...

Well that's the most I have seen of you this week!!
Meems is right. You are all baby.
I probably couldn't squeeze into those pants right now and you're about half-way through your pregnancy. Are you at 20 weeks? No, 18-right??

seph said...

beautiful!! don't frown. i don't think you want to be small when you have a person growing inside you. that would be silly! and espeically since it's just your boobs and baby, it's great times. this is your SECOND baby -- you show sooner. i don't think i was wearing real-people jeans at 5 months. and that was the first time around. i still don't wear the jeans from before i had ellie. don't get me started on that tragedy...

i can't wait for that baby to come out! i feel like you've been pregnant forever already.

Wendy said...

With the first baby, you can't wait to get into maternity clothes. The second, you're sad cuz you get into them so soon. The third, your maternity jeans ARE your regular jeans. You look great - quit worrying about it.

no_iffer said...

Yeah. Let me post a picture of my belly right now. that will cheer you right up.

you look fantastic - I was WAY bigger than you at this point. Don't worry - you're still a hot mama!

kdp said...

you look great. i think the picture of you in the orange shirt is the newest picture. am i right?