Tuesday, August 14, 2007

don't let me down

okay, guys. i know this whole "bug" thing is going around. i'm just posting to see if i'm going to have company at our pool date tomorrow??

please say you're coming! it's my last day off! i need to have a little relaxation time...(as if going to the pool with a 2-year old could be relaxing.)

who's in??


Meems said...

We don't want to pass it, to those of you who have not gotten it.

So we're out.

beautiful chaos said...

uhh... Is the playdate Tuesday or Wednesday?
If it's Tuesday, I'm out...
I'd like to have a symptom-free day before we venture out.
So Sorry my friend...

no_iffer said...

I think I am bailing on you too. I am scared to get it and I kind of need a day to get my house guest ready. Sorry!