Tuesday, August 21, 2007

house update

august 16

august 16 (jacob in his room...or baby's room)

august 20

august 21

the process is slowing down. i'm quite disappointed. i just want it to be finished already!


beautiful chaos said...

I'm goin over there with a hammer tomorrow - oh they're gonna be sweatin'!
It looks like it's comin right along! Maybe you've hit a spot where it doesn't look like much is happening - but it's the stuff that takes a little longer to get it done well.
I bet you'd rather have a well built house, than an already built one that won't last...
(she exclaimed as she sat in her cozy house)
Soon enough, my friend, soon enough.

Meems said...

It's really coming along. I will have to live out my house fantasies through you. Keep the pictures coming.

Amy said...

Crys, your house already looks beautiful...I know you can't wait, but just think... the best things are worth waiting for...and that house...yeah, it looks like it's gonna be great...I haven't told you but congrats...I can't wait to see what you are going to do with the decorating side of things!