Friday, January 4, 2008

back in the saddle again...

you must sing that title to get the full effect.

i went back to work yesterday. i had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning. she didn't even check to see if i was dilated anymore because nothing had changed with me otherwise.

i'm still having contractions. she said it's just something i'm obviously going to have.

i got the clear to go back to work. i might work for a couple of days or i might work for a month. who knows.

the magic date is february 6. hopefully she won't me go past that day.

after my first day back, which was just staff development stuff sitting in a chair the majority of the day, i was really exhausted when i got home.

i was having some weird pains and have been having the same today, but nothing worth calling the doc over.

monday, i start back full swing. i'll be on my feet for at least 8 hours. i can tell you now, monday night will be pizza night...or nothing at all, possibly.

that's all i got for now because i am once again exhausted!


Nanna's Place said...

I predict you have this baby early. Are you sure about the due date?

kablot spot said...

Hang in there!

La said...

At least you're in the clear now for having a healthy baby even if he does come early. If you end up needing preemie clothes, Walmart has them. =) (Check Dillard's for nicer things.)

I still think it would have been fun to be in rooms side by side to see who would have their baby first! Too bad......

Meems said...

I will be leaving a bag of baby clothing on your doorstep tomorrow. Most of it is nothing fancy. You can do whatever you please with the items you do not want. lol