Thursday, January 10, 2008


he's still in there!

this has been the longest week in history. going back to work after being at home for a month doing nothing has been quite the transition. i'm now on my feet for about 7+ hours a day. by the time i get home, i'm so exhausted! there are so many things to do and i don't have the energy to do any of them.

i go back to the doctor tomorrow. maybe she'll say i'm dilated to like a 3 and i need to go to the hospital! wishful thinking. i'm sure i'm still the same old 1.

i'll try to update what she says tomorrow along with an 8-month picture. i've taken it, i just don't have the energy to get my camera, insert the memory card into the computer, crop it, compare to the others, and post about it.

until then, just picture a pear (my body shape) with a basketball attached to the front!


seph said...

if you need anything done at the house after school, i'd love to come help. getting things washed and ready for baby, errands run, dinner cooked -- i'm SERIOUS! it would bless me to help you so please tell me if there's anything i can do. consider it doing me a favor.

kj said...

i love it! a pear with a basketball stuck to the front! so cute!

i could come back and keep casen if you want me to...