Monday, December 31, 2007

4 years ago today...

my life was changed forever.

it was on this day finishing out 2003 that my husband asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

of course, i knew way before then that i would most definitely be spending forever with him. we professed our love for each other about 2 weeks into our relationship.

i remember the first time i saw him. i was walking to class at asu and saw him in passing. i turned around to take a second look. i remember going home and telling kylah that i saw the most gorgeous boy i had ever seen. this was definitely different because i even noticed his eye color. if you know me, you know that's not what i look for. i usually notice a smile...but not this one. of course, how could you not notice those eyes?

it wasn't until the next semester that i saw him again. we were majoring in the same thing and started college at the same time, yet never met until the end of our junior year. of course, he was engaged at the time. i DID NOT pursue him. i accepted that he was engaged and forgot about him.

okay, that's not exactly what happened. it ended up that we had like every class together that semester. how could i forget him?

we talked quite a bit at school. we had a class together that summer. he slept almost every day and still made an A. i, on the other hand, made a B. how do i know this? because i called him, okay!! i called to see what he made in class. he's the one who asked for my number "just in case" he needed to get in touch with me.

it didn't take much for him to realize the one he was with was not...well...the one he should be so, he broke it off and we started dating the next day.

5 months later we were engaged, and 5 months after that we were married.

that brings us to today.

my love,
we have definitely not had a boring 4 years together. you make everyday fun and interesting. you always know how to put a smile on my face. we are now expecting our 2nd son and i can't wait for him to meet his daddy. you are the best friend, husband and dad to our children that i could ever ask for. i waited so impatiently for this day 4 years ago. i couldn't wait to begin forever with you. i love you more than any words can say. you are my partner and my best friend. i can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.
i love you!

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