Monday, January 21, 2008

here's what happens...

when a pregnant woman with a sweet tooth goes to wal mart without a list.

these are brownie bites...and yes, i already made 5 minutes after i got home.

i made the mistake of going down the valentine's aisle.

at least i got one healthy thing. of course, i'm not sure it's still considered healthy if you eat the entire jar at once?!?!


seph said...

mmm.. i want those gobstoppers. i went to walmart tonight WITH a list, and came out quite well. the only things i got that weren't on my list were granola bars and cheese. that's pretty much just 'cause i forgot to add them when i was making the list. but now, thanks to you, i will have to go back to walmart and get those gobstoppers... :)

ree said...

Was this before or after the hot tamales????