Thursday, January 10, 2008


you'd think having done this before i would be more prepared. especially for things like DAYCARE after i return to work.

completely not the case.

i'm looking for a very small daycare for casen. jacob was in a home with about 5 other kids and was taken care of by one person. i want the same for casen. unfortunately, i believe she's filled the spot she had open. completely understandable.

does anybody know of any good individuals?? it will probably only be from mid-march to the end of may. he'll stay home with me during the summer and then go to our old daycare when school starts back up.



seph said...

your good friend, sarah.... i would love to do it. and heaven knows i could use the work. this is not a joke or a last-minute option (though it appears we might already be in that place.. :)). i would LOVE to watch your beautiful baby. i will be in my second trimester and full of energy by then. i could even bring him during your lunch and/or conference period so you could kiss him..

let me know. i'm ready.

kj said...

sorry about that last comment, i didn't see that sarah had already offered her skills. :)

beautiful chaos said...

I have this friend sarah...

Meems said...

Yay!!!I thought Seph might offer.

I was holding out hope that you would find someone in town, since I live so far away and plan to take a program through region 4 in Febuary or March.

If she hadn't offered I wouldn't have left you high and dry though. You've got people.

Team-D said...

Also I would go with sarah but if anythign changes I will help out too. I am not always sure what my job holds but if you need me I will be there!!!