Saturday, January 12, 2008

almost there...

i can't even believe i'm doing this. i had decided to take my last picture with a shirt covering my belly, but then it just wasn't the same. you couldn't get the full effect. so, here it is, in all its glory.

last month compared to this month. will it ever end?!?!

i went to the doctor yesterday. again, she didn't check to see if i was dilated any more because it wouldn't have mattered anyway. she's not going to do anything at this point. if i go into labor, i just go into labor.

i asked her if he was head down and how big she thought he was because it feels like he has no room to move. i was getting worried that i might be having a large baby.

she felt around and said he is head down and she's estimating 6 to 6 1/2 pounds right now.

she asked if i wanted to be induced this time if it came to that.

uh....yes! i'm definitely not waiting for him to make up his mind!

the earliest she will induce is january 30.

that's less than 3 weeks!!

i'm happy, anxious, sad, scared, and ready all at the same time. is that possible??

the most unfortunate thing is we have look at the money aspect of this. if i have him in january, it will affect our february paycheck. if i have him in february, we won't get hit until march.

sad, i know.

i go back to the doctor on wednesday. i'm going to ask then if she will induce on friday, february 1. if she will, we'll have a new baby boy then. if not, i don't know what we'll do. again, i'm scared and ready at the same time. at this moment, the scared part is winning!

i'll update you again on wednesday if nothing happens before then.

and by the way, you people are so wonderful and generous!

seph, meems, team-d...thanks so much! oh, and kj, too! =)

seph, i'll be talking with you soon!


Wendy said...

Can I just say, that picture is AMAZING! I got at least that big, but every inch of your gain looks like it straight in front of you. How funny!

Meems said...

Wendy's right, your all belly. It doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for posting your before and afters. You'll be glad you did down the road.

beautiful chaos said...

I guess we can all learn from this lesson...
You DO realize what causes this, right?