Wednesday, June 13, 2007

what are we thinking?

jacob's birthday is coming up next month. he'll be 2! can you believe it?! my little baby boy is not such a baby anymore.

okay, that's a whole other post. here's the purpose of this one.

jerry and i have been trying to decide what we'll get jacob for his birthday. what cool toys does he need to add to his collection of the barely played with mob in his room?

then it occurred to me...why not just get him a box of rocks?

jerry's been on vacation for a few days now and last week we decided to go see my family. the entire 3-day trip, jacob was perfectly content playing outside with whatever nature provided.

here he is with his cousin, lexi. she's almost 4 years old and lives about a mile from my parents.
this was one of the highlights of their day...filling a cup with rocks, throwing them on the concrete, and picking them up again. amazing!

my parents have a ginormous cornfield next to their house. it produces the most delicious corn on the cob ever. it only lasts for about a month and then it's too big to eat. july is the magic month. i can just taste it. okay, the pregnant woman is getting off subject.

jacob and lexi took off into the cornfield after a ball. they stayed there for about 30 minutes just examining the corn stalks.

here's my favorite. jacob decided to pick a fight with the corn stalk. seriously. i should've filmed it. he was going nuts on that thing...swinging his arms like it had taken his ball or something. it was hilarious!

so, what are we thinking buying all these toys and things that end up on shelves or garage sales when nature has provided everything we need? of course, we don't live out in the country and don't have a cornfield as our backyard.

oh well.

toys it is.

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