Tuesday, June 26, 2007


for those with multiple kids, wasn't your first pregnancy wonderful?

not knowing what to expect. any little feeling being so exciting. reading books and books on end just to see what would come next.

jerry and i were talking the other day about me being pregnant again. we remembered how exciting it was as every week went by to know that something new was happening inside me.

now, with the second, i know what to expect. (not sickness wise...if you've read the previous post.)

i'm so ready to get into the second trimester when i can actually not try to suck in my stomach for fear of showing too soon. or get to the point where we can find out the sex. or start picking out names.

the thing i'm looking forward to the most is the first time i feel this little one move inside.

i loved that the most. it is such a special feeling to know that you have this little being growing inside. to know that it was created in you. to know that God appointed this one especially for you.

i remember the first time i felt jacob move, i was at school. at first, i just thought it was my lunch coming back to haunt me. but i didn't feel bad at all. then i realized it was my baby boy.

of course, toward the end, i thought he would kick himself right out of me. still a joy all the same.

i guess i have to just be patient and wait for those precious moments to come.

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kdp said...

i thought that was the best parts about being pregnant. i used to drink orange juice and lay with the remote on my belly waiting for hannah and rebekah to kick it off. it was a real kick. ( no pun intended)