Saturday, June 23, 2007

random pictures

i've been a little behind on ordering and posting pictures, so here's a few...randomly.

here's jacob and i in our first pool outing in the backyard. (we haven't been in it again since.)

here's daddy's little helper. he always has to be in the middle of the action. (that's jerry doing the dishes...i love him!)

here's my bed while jerry was gone. that tiny space in the right side of the picture was mine.

here's jacob's new "big boy" bed. he absolutely loves it!

here he is so proud of his block stacking skills. (i'm pretty proud also. there are over 10 blocks there.)

here's my handsome boy with his new haircut. he's definitely not a baby anymore.

and even though you can't really see his haircut here, this is my favorite picture. i caught him in the act of digging through his daddy's drawer. look at that sly smile.


PB&J said...

He is so handsome. I'll bet he is into everything right now.

La said...

Thanks for sharing all the sweet pictures - I loved looking at them!

ree said...

I love the one of him on the counter!!! That's priceless.

kj said...

sweet boy. gosh!

it's just sad that he's so camera shy! ;)