Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i know, i know...

most of you are thinking...3 posts in one day? what's going on?

jerry's at work, jacob's asleep and i have a little energy. (i should probably be doing laundry right now.)

i just have to share one more thing.

when we ask jacob what is in momma's belly, he replies "a baby". (in the cutest voice ever.)

when we ask him where the baby is, he replies "in the water." (i have no idea.)

yesterday, i asked him if he wanted to touch the baby.

he was so excited. he just put his little hand on my belly with a big smile on his face.

so, now every time we ask what's in momma's belly, he replies "a baby. touch it. touch it."

so sweet.

1 comment:

ree said...

Oh, he is going to be the greatest big brother ever, especially if it is a girl.
He's so sweet...