Tuesday, June 19, 2007


as i was reading through my list of blogs the yesterday (which has multiplied immensely!), i saw all the posts of mothers talking about their husbands on father's day and how much they appreciated them and loved them...

then i looked at my own. i realized i had done nothing...not only on my blog, but at home. of course, i got him a card and jacob made his own (so cute), but we didn't really make it his day.

looking back, i feel like such a horrible wife. how could i leave my husband out on what should be one of the most celebrated days of the year for him??

i've been so consumed with thoughts and worries of the baby and hoping everything was okay that i didn't even acknowledge the fact that next year, he will be celebrated even more. we will have two children!

so, hopefully i can make up for it. (by the way, he's out of town for three days which makes it even worse.)

my dearest husband,

i love you more than any words could ever say. as stated in my blog page description, you are the source of the smile on my face. without you, there's only sadness.

of course, i have jacob here, but looking at him only reminds me of you. that cute little smirk on his face or his little hands just put images of you in my mind.

you are such a wonderful daddy to him and you deserve to be celebrated. how many other dads take the whacking of a golf club from their son just to see him laugh? or mimic the hoppings of a frog just to have him do the same so WE can get a laugh? or melt at the words "i love you, daddy" not just the first time it's said, but every time?

not only should you be celebrated for being a wonderful daddy, but also a wonderful husband. how many other husbands clean the bathrooms just because i don't want to? or do the dishes every night just because i made dinner? or hop up at the hint that i need something to get whatever it may be? or who is constantly commented on from all my friends that you are so HOT?

only you, my love.

i love you so much. i can't wait for you to come home tomorrow!

until then, i'll settle for being reminded of you by our son.

i love you.

your wife

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