Wednesday, June 20, 2007

conversation with a 23 month old

as i'm reading my list of blogs, jacob comes into the office and we have this conversation:

jacob: "look, look, momma." (pointing to his mouth)

me: "what is it, baby?" (as he's acting like he's chewing on something)

me: "what's in your mouth?" (trying to open his mouth)

jacob: "monster!"


marme said...

hope it wasn't a "monster bug!"

kj said...

is he the cutest thing ever?

that is so funny and i can just picture jacob's tiny little voice as he says "monster!" i miss that boy and i need to see him. too bad it will be at least another couple of weeks before that gets to happen.

man, i can't even stand traveling for a month away from my home, how am i ever going to survive moving away?!