Friday, December 28, 2007


santa definitely came through for my little boy...put a big smile on his cute little face.

jacob woke up really early christmas morning to come to our i said he would. finally around 7:30 i couldn't take it anymore. i had to get up. i just couldn't wait!

i went in by the tree and got the camera ready while jerry woke jacob up. he walked into the living room we had already put up santa's cookie plate.

jacob said, "santa ate all my cookies...and he took my plate!" so cute.

he proceeded to walk up to the tree and there it was...nighttime rescue buzz lightyear...standing there in all his glory. jacob stopped...looked at me...looked at buzz...gave me the cheesiest smile...hesitantly walked over and picked him up. he didn't want to let him go...until we told him he could open up his presents, of course.

it was just so much fun this year. he enjoyed opening every package and seeing what was inside. just to see his eyes light up was the best christmas present i could've asked for.

my parents came in a little later and brought his john deere front loader. he was quite excited about that also.

here's a few pictures from the day. of course, i'm always the one taking the pictures. my boys are going to look back at pictures when they're older and wonder if they even had a mom! =)

leaving cookies for santa

the infamous buzz

so happy


teenage mutant ninja turtle...turtle power!

there's that cheesy smile...almost looks evil.

a rare picture of me and my boy

spoiled think he likes cars?

little and all

who's having more fun here...jacob or daddy?

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no_iffer said...

Great pictures! I am so glad your first christmas at home was so special.