Sunday, December 23, 2007

i can't wait...

for christmas morning.

i can't wait for my little boy to wake up, walk into the living room and see his nighttime rescue buzz lightyear that santa brought him standing in front of the tree with a big red bow on it.

what will probably happen is he'll wake up really early, like 5ish and come to our bed. this would be wonderful because then i could have my camera out to capture the moment he sees it.

i can't wait to see the look on his face.

it's been so fun this year because he's at the age where he knows what he wants. he's been asking for this buzz for a long time!

i just can't wait!

there's nothing like seeing a smile on your child's face and knowing you put it there.

of course, then my parents are coming later and bringing him a giant motorized john deere front loader! buzz will be thrown in the background. but i don't care. that one moment of joy will make it all worth it!

did i mention i can't wait?!?!

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