Sunday, December 23, 2007

never ending

once again, here i sit on sunday morning at home while my boys are at church. i really thought after this week, i'd be able to do whatever i wanted.


thursday, the doctor told me i could do whatever i wanted after 36 weeks! what happened to 34??

so as it stands now, i'm stuck at home for another 2 1/2 weeks. i was supposed to go back to work on january 3rd. now i go back to the doctor on january 3rd. i guess we'll find out then when i can actually go back to work. i'm going to try my best to convince her i'll be fine to return on the 7th. that's the first day the kids are back. i really need to be there.

for now, i'll remain at home...except for tomorrow night. i'll be at the christmas eve service. i won't miss it!

i miss all you guys so much. i miss seeing my friends.

tomorrow...i'll see you tomorrow!


Nanna's Place said...

I miss seeing you too Crystal...Jerry looked lost without you today! Love you

Meems said...

We miss you to. Call if you want to hang out after Christmas is over. LOL.

kdp said...

i miss you too. how about us spend sometime together this break. i'll bring your favorite movie and we'll have a girlfriend date.

marme said...

We miss you too and so glad we got to see you on Christmas Eve!