Sunday, November 18, 2007

wonderful friends

i have the most wonderful friends!

if you were at the shower yesterday, you know why.

they did an AMAZING job on decor, food, gifts...and just making me feel plain special!

i had such a wonderful time at the shower. everything was so beautiful!!

jenny, kj, ang, seph, amy, chelle, meems...i'm so lucky to have you girls!

thanks for everything!


Meems said...


Your a special girl. Sorry I missed it. I hope you got everything you need.

Your a hot prego Momma:)

beautiful chaos said...

You are an awesome friend too, you know!
I hope you are enjoying all the shower goodies!!
Or that you will be soon...

CG said...

I definatly agree you are a hot momma! :) I am really sorry I missed it. My hubby decided we would go see his brother in the south. This is the second shower I missed. I am sure it was beautiful.

seph said...

it was our pleasure. a pretty shower for a pretty mama and a soon-to-be pretty baby.