Monday, November 12, 2007

please pray...

pray for my husband.

he was at the gym this morning beginning to lift weights and felt a sudden pressure in his head followed by a never-ending headache.

he just came home and went to sleep.

one of his bosses called a doctor they knew today and he told jerry to see a doctor right away. this is not something to play around with.

the doctor has ordered him to have 2 different kinds of mri's which are scheduled for next wednesday.

only one problem...he flies out to houston on friday. flying and head pressure don't mix. we're trying to get him in hopefully tomorrow for the mri's.

just please pray that they find a good way. a way that is reassuring enough for us to not worry about him having some kind of serious head trauma!

and pray that i may have the strength to be who i need to be in this time.

dear Jesus,
place your healing hands on my husband...


Meems said...

N. and I prayed together for his perfect and complete healing. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

We are believing with You.

CG said...

We are praying for both of you also! Our God is bigger than anything!

beautiful chaos said...

I will be praying for him.
I hope he gets a good report.

Father, give crys strength and peace in this troubled time.

JAC said...

We will certainly be praying! Hold on to His hand! We'll pray until we have an answer. God is MORE than able!