Tuesday, November 6, 2007

addendum to "craziest week in history"

you just thought you heard it all!

my crazy week post was on wednesday. wednesday was only half of it!

  • thursday morning, i woke up in so much pain i could hardly stand it. i went to school anyway because i thought i would be having my appraisal. no such luck, of course. i really thought i might have to go to the hospital and deliver 3 months early! it was that bad.
  • friday morning, i woke up deathly sick! the pain was going away, but i was coughing my head off. the doctor told me to just take over-the-counter cold medicine. i did. it didn't work. we signed the papers on the house at 10:30 a.m. our house payment turned out to be a little less than expected. we decided to go over to the hospital and payoff that bill so we wouldn't have to worry about it. after all, they told us if we paid it before the delivery, we would get a discount. no such luck. that rule changed october 1. we got all our big stuff moved on help from me. (thanks, chris and dave!) friday, we spent our first night in our new house!
  • saturday, still sick. my mom came in and she's a madwoman! i mean, non-stop all day long. did i mention i was still sick? we did get alot done though! thanks, mom!
  • sunday, still sick. we didn't go to church. my mom is still here. she's still a madwoman! again, we got alot done. the real sunday drama?

are you ready for this?? jerry's uncle and granddad come over to see the house. jerry's granddad just had surgery a couple of weeks ago to repair an artery in his leg from coronary artery disease. he's got a walker and never really leaves the kitchen area.

jerry gets done showing his uncle around and they come back in the kitchen area. he looks down at his granddad and says, "you're bleeding!"

bleeding? that's an understatement! he's gushing! i don't think you could ever realize the magnitude of this situation. he's standing in our foyer and blood is pouring out of his leg! we get a chair for him to sit in. we grab towels and start trying to contain the blood. it's not stopping. jerry's uncle pulls his belt off, wraps it around his leg and holds it to hopefully cut off the flow. still not working. my mom is right in the middle of it (again, madwoman!).

we call 9-1-1! yes, first weekend in our house and we already have an ambulance coming. the whole neighborhood is outside wondering what's going on!

all of the sudden, my mom says, "he's not breathing!" okay, i'm beyond freaking out! i don't even know how i was still on my feet. i call 9-1-1 back and tell them he's not breathing. she says the ambulance is almost there.

by this time, we've filled at least 3 full-size towels with blood! he suddenly takes a gigantic breath and comes back. he's still not coherent. they're doing everything they can to keep him awake until the ambulance gets here.

finally, they arrive! they're so calm. it was crazy. they just put him on the gurney and wheeled him out to the hospital.

this entire time, jacob is just sitting in a corner playing with his drums, oblivious to anything going on.

we go to the hospital and find out that they were letting his wound heal from the inside out. something came loose, hence all the bleeding. they had to give him 2 pints of blood in the er, if that tells you how much was on our floor! he had surgery and all went well. he gets to keep his leg for now and hopefully will heal fine.

absolutely unbelievable!

so, if you're wondering where i've been...i've been recuperating...or at least trying to!

and one last thing...

i'm talking to ang on sunday night about what all went on...after the story, the first thing she says is, "can i come clean your floor for you?" are you kidding? you want to come clean blood off my floor? what a great friend! and the floor looks great, by the way!

thanks, ang! i'm so glad we're almost neighbors!


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Ditto on the "whoa".

no_iffer said...

Oh, my heavens. I pray Thanksgiving is the longest, most relaxing holiday ever for you. You need it!

beautiful chaos said...

I seriously get stressed all over again every time I see this!
Can you put up a picture of a unicorn or something?
Something happy and frolicking?

CG said...

Intense! wow! Are you feeling better?