Thursday, November 29, 2007

i really thought...

today was going to be a good day.

i got up at a decent time, made it to school at a good time, got through 1st and 2nd period, and then...

my principal delivered my appraisal.

it wasn't great, but not bad. i won't go into details about it.

i had a doctor's appointment right after that. so far, i've gained a total of 18 pounds. this appointment was only 3 weeks from the last. i knew i gained weight, i was just waiting to see how much.

i stepped on the scales and it read 7 pounds heavier! in 3 weeks...7 pounds!

so, i'm up to 25. i thought that would be the worst of my worries today.

the doctor gets called out for a delivery and we have to wait for her.

i had mentioned to the nurse that i have been having braxton hicks contractions for a while, but they're getting more frequent. she told me the doc would probably examine me, just to make sure everything was okay, but it was probably perfectly normal.

dr. adams finally got there and agreed with the nurse. she still wanted to check to make sure.

while she's examining me, she gets this look on her face like something's up.

i'm dilated to a 1 right now. i'm 30 weeks.

she said it could be just from being pregnant before, but there was no way to know for sure without watching me closely for a while.

she asked where i was working right now and i told her i was a teacher.

"so you're on your feet all day?"


"i'm going to take you off your feet for a couple of weeks."

i'm sorry...what? after that, i seriously tuned out. i don't know any details of what she said after hearing that, other than i go back on thursday to do some test to determine the probability of me going into labor in the next week or two.

again, she said it's probably just from being pregnant before, but we must make sure.

so, as of today, i'm home...resting. i'll be here for at least the next week, maybe two.

no working, no shopping, no major cooking, no cleaning.

what's left to do?

blogging...of course. the only problem is, as you know from a previous post, my laptop is going out. at this moment we have a monitor hooked up to it so i can actually use it.

i can't put a monitor in bed with me or even on the couch. i'm sitting at the desk right now, probably not what i'm supposed to be doing. what will i do for the next week??

i really feel normal...if that's possible when you're pregnant. the past couple of weeks, i've felt REALLY pregnant, but still okay. it's very hard to be resting when you feel okay.

i guess i have no choice.

please pray.


Meems said...

My prayers are going out.

playdate....? We would love to keep you company! Say the word.

marme said...

I'm praying for you. let me know if you need anything.

no_iffer said...

praying too. Let me know what you need. Mason would love to have Jacob over or something. Or I can bring Grant over and do some laundry...or something. Let me know. Really.

Or do you need me to get anything from school or do anything for you school wise?

ree said...

I'll do anything you need as well!

beautiful chaos said...

Is it wrong that I'm actually jealous?
The difference between you and me right now is tht I would literally bribe a doctor to tell me to get off my feet and relax for a week or two.
I know. I know. Your situation is very different and my prayers and concern are very real also.
But if you have trouble ignoring the very real realness of your situation - you can pretend, if only for a moment, that you are ME!
You would love you days off then!!

Oh and if there is anything I can do, including anything big or small.
Call me. I'm just around the corner.
And yes, I WOULD come over to flip you in your bed if you needed me to!!! LOL!

Chris said...

I'll be praying...But i everything will be great.