Friday, November 2, 2007

moving day

today's the day.

i'm at home right now. i took the whole day off so i could sleep in a little this morning and hopefully feel better. of course, i woke up with a horrendous cold.

my pains are going away though. i'm going to call the doctor today just to make sure everything's okay.

we're closing on the house at 10:30 and will begin moving things after that.

feel free to drop by anytime to see the progress.

i'm so excited! it still doesn't seem real!


Chris said...

Yea! We are so excited for you guys! Moving is not always fun but it is worth it when you are moving into your first home. We wish you guys a smooth transition and all. (Oh and we still need to come and look at the table)

seph said...

yeah for moving! we're right there with you. so many exciting new beginnings -- i'm praying everything runs smoothly. also praying that you're pains go away and God gives you extraordinary energy and peace. love you, girl!

no_iffer said...

I am so excited for you and so very irritated with Mr. W for not showing up yesterday. I almost want to write him an ugly email...

Anyway, the boys and I might stop by later! I would say we would help you move, but I am pretty sure we wouldn't be that helpful. I will have to help in other ways - I am sending up prayers right now!

I can't wait to see your new beautiful home. SOOO happy for you guys!!!

Meems said...

How Exciting! The wait is finally over. We would love to stop in and see your great new space, but you wouldn't want us, trust me.

Congrats! You have a home you can be proud of.

marme said...

Awh me and kj thought it was even more beautiful with your stuff in it! Can't wait to see pictures on the walls!

Love it!