Tuesday, September 18, 2007

still a boy

we had our official sonogram yesterday. we're still having a boy.

my parents came down. my dad got to see his first sonogram ever! jacob got to see his little brother. he was so excited.

i had a stupid contraction during the thing! i'm sitting there and the technician says, "you're having a contraction. do you feel it?"

uh, yea. i feel it. it feels like my insides are turning inside out.

she said it was a braxton hicks contraction. that's the first one of those i've ever had. i hope they don't continue.

jenny, i don't know how you handle it these days.


on a side note...i'm having major anxiety about this retreat this weekend. i'm going to have to leave my baby for 2 nights which means i won't see him for an entire day! this has never happened before. not to mention, i won't be seeing my husband either.

i'm just hoping it's an action-packed weekend and i can keep my focus where it should be!


another note...i'm sick! sick! sick! sneezing, sniffling, runny nose. my whole house and family is infected. no one should come around us for a while.


Wendy said...

Having 2 boys is wonderful. I think every family needs at least 2 boys.

beautiful chaos said...

wendy - husband, check
son, check
yep - I've got 2 boys!

crys - yay! yay! yay!
A healthy baby boy!
The contraction was just little Chookie's way (yes, he's Chookie Ramirez until we get confirmation on the name *wink*) of letting you know he's all about having the family at the sonogram!!
I am glad things are going well with the pregnancy - and for hte other stuff, being sick...
I am really sorry Jerry got you all sick!! Mean ol' Jerry...