Monday, September 3, 2007

the latest

here's what the house looks like today. my camera's battery died or i would have pictures of the fireplace and bathtubs inside.

they have laid the felt for the roof on the back side which leads us to believe they will be starting that part soon. they have also got all the wiring done inside. lets hope this rain doesn't mess up anything.


Meems said...

I'm telling you. I so want your house. Can we move in?

beautiful chaos said...

The kids and I stalked your new pad today and without saying a word about it beforehand, When we drove by it Jaron said, "Hey, That's Jacob's new house!!"
It is amazing how fast those things go up once they get on a roll...
Very soon my friend - and it would be my distinct pleasure to help you get it all painted!

kdp said...

wow it is coming up. great. i know that ya'll can't wait to get into it.

Amy said...

I like the beautiful and big windows! I love windows! It just looks great! Can't wait to see it all fixed up!

kj said...

holy moly. i can't believe it's come that far!

when i finally get to see it you're gonna be movin' in.

it's looking great! ;)