Sunday, September 30, 2007


that's the only word i have to describe myself right now.

this morning i woke up with a really bad sore throat. as the day has progressed, my eyes are watery, my nose runny yet stopped up, my throat clogged, my head pounding.

i could be on the verge of...well...not death, but something bad!

i have no sick days to use! i can't call in to work!

i know when i wake up in the morning, i'll be coughing up stuff even your little boys would be scared of!

i tried to take a nap, but i woke up feeling worse than before.

jacob is sleeping soundly right now.

i should be working, but i have no desire.

i should take my 5-month picture, but i have no energy to go get my camera AND change clothes.

i should post pictures of our house with all the sheet rock done, cabinets delivered, doors on, right windows in, ready to paint, but i don't have the patience to wait for the pictures to load.

i would love to see if the president's cup is over, but i don't have the will to turn on the tv.

wow! talk about woe is me!

happier things next time. stay tuned.


no_iffer said...

I am so sorry! I hope you feel better soon. I had, if you can remember, several, okay, a million, posts while I was pregnant that sounded exactly like that one. It's just hard work growing a baby! Just take it easy and let me know if there is anything you need. Give worksheets tomorrow. Who cares - it's just one day...

Meems said...

So sorry. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Worksheets. That works.

ree said...

Can I give out worksheets at work tomorrow, too? =)

Sorry you're not feeling well...get better soon!

beautiful chaos said...

Can I go give out worksheets for you?
I think I could pass for 5-months pregnant... hehehe
Ok - well, chicken soup for you.
Take lots of vitamin c.
Drink vodka... err... ORANGE JUICE!
love you, friend - hope you start feeling better soon.
Cabinets? really? That's exciting!!

marme said...

Get well now, in Jesus' name! call if you need anything.

kj said...

oh my friend, if i were there, i could watch jacob or something to help. or try to help anyway.

i love you and i hope you get to feeling better soon!