Wednesday, September 5, 2007

so it happened...

yesterday, i'm standing outside the dressing room in ross while jerry is trying on pants and the dressing room attendant says to me...

"when is your baby due?"
(sad in of itself that she could ask that because it's so obvious.)

me: "february 6"
(i never leave out the 6 part.)

her: "so how far are you?"

me: "4 months."

her: (she thinks for a second.) "so you have FIVE months left?"

me: "yes."

her: "it's because you're slim that you're showing so much so early, huh?"

me: "yea, that's it."

what the heck?? do people have no scruples? or are they just stupid?


La said...

I don't think you look that big at all. Yes, you are beginning to look pregnant, but not nearly enough that anyone in their right mind would actually ask if you were! But who really cares anyway??? You're supposed to get big and round! It's beautiful! And so are you! =)

Meems said...

Mean Ross girl. Your still hot. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

People tend to ask much sooner when your skinny everywhere besides your belly, so take it as a compliment.

beautiful chaos said...

You're silly!
I'm calling you tomorrow afternoon.

seph said...

i'm confused about why it's bad to look pregnant when you ARE pregnant...

: )

you look perfect.

no_iffer said...

They're stupid. They search us out.

And everyone is right - embrace the beauty of your blossoming tummy. It's absolutely adorable!

CG said...

I had 5 of my student ask me when am I having my baby...... :(