Tuesday, September 18, 2007


today, one of my students told me she was going to make cookies today.

naturally, i asked her if she would be bringing me any?
(i wouldn't really eat them. you never know what's in them.)

she said of course she would.

i only wish i could eat them.

it would be perfect if they were like chocolate chip with nuts or something.


now, if she does bring them, i'll have act so excited and then secretly discard them!

i want cookies!!


beautiful chaos said...

so, hypothetically speaking, if I made you cookies, would you have to throw them away? You know, I might slip razor blades in them...

kj said...

that is just, really, really sad.

Meems said...

I agree. I wouldn't eat them either. Of course potlucks are the same way, but I have brainwashed myself into believing that all of the food is hygiene appriopriate.

Haven't seen you in awhile. We need to get together.