Saturday, July 26, 2008


what a week we have had.

  • starting last thursday, that would be july 17, my parents were in town. they were here until monday. they brought their camper and stayed out at the lake. that meant that i was there with my boys pretty much all day everyday from thursday until monday.
  • saturday was jacob's birthday party. that was exhausting! this was the first "friend" party we had. man, it went well! jacob had so much fun.
  • monday was jacob's 3-year check up. he is barely 3 feet tall and only weighs 28 pounds. while we were there, we asked the doc to check casen's ears. he's been pulling on the left one. sure enough, he has an ear infection. poor guy. he, on the other hand, is not even 6 months and weighs almost 20 pounds!
  • also on monday, my parents left and took jacob with them. that was a sad, sad day.
  • tuesday thru thursday, i had workshops. gt workshops. can you imagine how exciting they were? and can you sense my sarcasm? they were supposed to go through friday, but due to an unfortunate death in our instructor's family, he cancelled friday. i have to go back next wednesday. sarah kept casen on tuesday, and wendy kept him on wednesday and thursday. you girls are the best!
  • friday i drove to abilene to get jacob. i couldn't stand it any longer! my mom and my sister and her son met us at the zoo. we made our round and then went to eat at abuelo's. nice! we made a visit to kohl's and target. after that, it was time to go home. the boys were both on edge. jacob was definitely ready for a nap and casen was tired of being in his carseat!
  • that brings us to today. we've been up since 7. casen has just gone down for his nap. jerry is mowing the lawn. jacob is watching cartoons. i'm doing this. (i should be taking a shower!) our plan for the day is to go look for some new flowers to replace the hideous red ones that adorn our front sidewalk. then from 5-9 tonight, our street is having a block party. yes, a block party. we got a flyer the other day on our door. they're having bouncy things, dunking booths, food, music, etc. should be fun.
  • my plan for the next week includes cleaning out casen and jacob's closets. casen already has tons of clothes that need to be gotten rid of. i'll be preparing those to take to sarah and the rest of the stuff for the garage sale.
  • speaking of garage sale...sarah, i'm serious. just tell me when you plan on readying all the stuff for the sale. i'll be there. you are NOT doing this alone!
  • oh, and one last thing, at some point friday morning, i will be getting a hair cut and color. i'm planning on it being a drastic thing. it is quite possible i could chicken out, but to tease you, picture a certain food network star's new haircut.

alright, i believe that's about it. man, can you imagine me trying to have that conversation with someone? you people would think i was on crack or something! =)


Sara_Smiles said...

WOW is right! You were busy! I am super jealous that your neighborhood (while quite possibly the newest one in town) is already so awesome and kid friendly. We live in geezer-ville-alley-whatever. I look forward to the bold, and daring new 'do. OH, and crack is good. That's where we were sewn up. Or something.

cassandra sagan webb said...

Uh oh. I can't picture the Food Network star you speak of. Rachael Ray? Does she have a new haircut? Are you going dark?? Explain, please :)

P.S. Where/what do you teach?

Wendy said...

Can I pretend like I live on your block and come, too? No problem keeping Cas. Any time.

ree said...

OH! That cut is going to look great on you!!!

Post pictures, please!!!