Monday, July 28, 2008


okay, so the flowers did not get done. they probably won't for a while. it is what it is.

the cleaning part has gone well so far. i've gotten the boys' rooms done and my closet. all that's left is the garage.

this morning, casen got up at 6:45. i fed him and then hoped he would go back to sleep. i had all but given up and went in to pat his back and pick him up. i patted his back for a while and what do you know, he went back to sleep. he slept until almost 9, as did jacob. so, can you guess what i did? i slept til almost 9, of course! i should have been at the gym at 9 for body pump, but after holding the dead weight of casen sleeping yesterday at church for a half hour, i don't think i could have done it anyway. my arm was seriously killing me. my wrist and elbow are sore today. how sad is that?!

i really have nothing else important planned. i have been researching my haircut. i'm pretty psyched about it. but still, just in case i chicken out, i don't want to reveal it. i'll definitely post pictures. i'm sure most of you have an idea of where i'm going.

oh, i did go buy some stuff for school yesterday. can you believe i only have two more weeks at home with my boys?! it's heartbreaking! this summer has seriously flown. we probably all say that, but this one really has. it's amazing.

alright, my boys have been playing with each other for a while now, so i should probably go check on them. and by playing, i mean casen is laying on the floor while jacob is running circles around him. so cute.

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