Monday, July 28, 2008


i do realize it is utterly ridiculous to post pictures of any sort after our friend jenny has just posted some the same day, but i have to do it. it's been a while, and today is the first day i've had enough time to edit any and in the same day enough time to post them.

these are a mix of being out at the lake with my parents and a few from the block party a couple of nights ago.

did you notice a trend here? it's much easier to take pictures of a child that can't get away...hence the plethora of casen pics.

the one with the bear in the mouth is my favorite.


Wendy said...

You got a picture of them TOGETHER!!! That in itself is impressive. I think my favorite is the one with the bear, too.

Mari said...

I agree. Those boys have got to be some of the cutest kids ever!

Missy said...

Those pictures are adorible!

Chris said...

I am so amazed at your picture taking skills...I wanna do that too :( I am so jealous now!

no_iffer said...

Uh! Wow! Will you be my partner? Let's do it! These are adorable. The bear picture is perfection!

Jenni said...

You have some seriously cute boys!! I wanna know how you and J do that whited out effect thing that makes everybody look like angels.

Hey, did you hear you're officially stuck with me next year? You and Allison are coming to my team. I am SO EXCITED!!