Saturday, July 19, 2008

my baby

today, my baby is three years old.

i can't even believe it. feels like yesterday, i was looking at that little stick with two pink lines.

now, my little boy is growing up and having birthday parties with his friends!

thanks, by the way, for coming! you made his day so special.

anyway, three years has flown by like nothing. the next thing i know he'll be graduating high school.

i can't take this! make it stop!

it makes me sad everytime i think about him getting older.

my vow to you is to cherish every moment we have together. i can't believe how big you're getting. i love you with all my heart. i love that sweet smile and even sweeter voice. i love hearing the words, "i love you, momma." i love the way you speak in complete sentences and have been for at least a year now. i love how you like all your toys to be in just the right spot. i love how you still like to sleep with momma and daddy. and i love how you love your little brother. someday, you might look back at this and think what a cheesy mom i was. someday, i will look back at this and remember how much you loved this cheesy mom.

i love you, baby.

happy birthday!

love, momma


Mari said...

So sweet. I feel bad commenting because it seems like I'm barging in on your special moment with J. He is such a great kid; you and Jerry are so blessed to have such a respectful, obedient little boy.

no_iffer said...

Oh, geez woman. I just cried and got goosebumps. You're such agreat mommy