Wednesday, March 5, 2008

things to remember

i just started thinking today about all the funny, quirky things jacob does. i wanted to write them down so i would remember them.
  • he already has a girlfriend...her name is camryn.
  • he says his kisses are only for miss of his teachers.
  • he has to have everything red at cup, red cubby, even red cupcake...after all, that's the color of spiderman.
  • he'll take anything if you say it's something to do with spiderman...white spiderman shirt, black spiderman shoes, red spiderman shoes, even spiderman noodles (which are really wagon wheels but resemble spider webs)...he doesn't care, as long as he thinks it's spiderman.
  • he says "piecle puzzes" instead of puzzle pieces.
  • he thinks peter parker's friend's name is barry instead of harry...that's on spiderman, if you couldn't guess.
  • he likes to sing along with toy story, mickey mouse, and yes, even spiderman.
  • he likes to steal mine or jerry's seat as soon as we get up. he thinks it's a game.
  • he replaces any "c" or "k" sound with a "t" and any "l" with a "w"...for example, instead of saying kylah, he says tywah.
  • he loves much so that he has to keep his nursery sticker on all day...sometimes he has to transfer it to his pajamas and sleep with it.
  • he knows where all of his toys go. if you put one in the wrong cubby, he gets it out and puts it in the correct one.
  • he says his sentences over and over until you repeat it back to him word for word and he knows you've got it.
  • he's started talking to his toys...he gets mad at them when they don't "cooperate".

i can't wait to share these with him when he gets old enough to laugh at himself.


ree said...

I miss him!
And his parents!
And his little brother!

Nanna's Place said...

Thats so sweet. Thanks for sharing those momements with us. He is such a sweet boy.

beautiful chaos said...

I wish I could be his girlfriend!
He's so dreamy!

kj said...

i think you should tell the story of the "bus"...