Tuesday, March 4, 2008

first day back

yesterday was my first day back at first day away from my new baby.

it was...we'll say less than wonderful.

i had to yell...i had to give the "how we act with a sub" spill...i had to give the "emotional roller coaster of leaving a 4-week old baby" spill...i had to threaten to be a cold, mean teacher the rest of the school year if things didn't straighten up.

first day!!! give me a break!!!

i left casen with sarah.

i didn't cry...that is until i saw this.

it was so hard to see my baby there without me.

but thanks so much, sarah, for the play-by-play. it definitely helped me through the day. i loved reading about what he was doing!

what's the plan for today, you ask?


yes, a test. they will come in, sit down, take their test, and i will sit at my desk and marvel in the silence...until someone speaks out and i have to yell at them. =)

1 comment:

Meems said...

I can't see you yelling. I would love to be a fly on the wall for this event. :)