Tuesday, March 25, 2008

let me just say...

some of you people have been busy!!

i only skipped one day of checking blogs and there are millions of posts. how will i ever have time to get caught up??

i'll condense mine into one post. here's what's been going on with us...
  • i've been home half a day with jacob. i took him to daycare this morning knowing he wasn't feeling well. his teacher took a look at him and decided to take his temperature...99.6...he can't stay with anything over 99.4! so, i took him to school with me and jerry came and picked him up. he took the morning shift and i the afternoon. i haven't gotten anything done because i have had him laying pretty much on me all afternoon...which i love, by the way. i've also had casen. he did take a 3-hour nap this afternoon. nothing short of a God thing.
  • if you read ang's comment from the previous post about the skull, the story is that the shirt was his easter shirt for daycare. the design was a surprise when we ordered them. imagine the shock of seeing that skull on an easter shirt...not to mention that at halloween, the kids couldn't wear super hero costumes because some kids might get scared. jacob took one look at his easter shirt and called it his monster shirt. how ridiculous is that?!?!
  • casen is starting to really coo and almost laugh lately. his personality is developing. it's so fun. he will be 8 weeks tomorrow! and most of you have noticed he's not starving. i've already gotten rid of all of his newborn clothes and the 0-3 months stuff will be going soon. jacob was still wearing 3 months clothes at 6 months. in fact, right now, he has a pair of shorts that are 6-12 months! he'll be 3 in four months!
  • jerry is still working like crazy. only three more weeks and tax season will be over! i could have a full saturday with my hubby soon...if i'm not put second to golf, that is.
  • most of you know already, but just in case, jerry was elected as the newest deacon of the church. i am so proud of him! what a wonderful man of God he is becoming.
  • what a great network of friends i have. seriously...i have never felt so connected. it's amazing! i can't wait for summer.
  • jerry and i had our first night alone since jacob was born on friday night. my parents were here and kept the boys and let us have their hotel room. we were asleep by 10:30!
  • not getting a paycheck really stinks! we were prepared for it, but for some reason, our budget isn't doing too well this month. we're pretty much out of groceries and don't get paid until monday! luckily, jacob pretty much lives off milk.
  • i don't think i've posted about this yet. jerry and i are going to vegas right after school is out! i can't wait. i love my boys, but i'm ready to get away!
  • only 9 1/2 weeks of school left! that in itself makes me very happy!
  • casen will be moving to his room tonight. he's been sleeping in our room in his bassinet. hopefully, the transition will be smoothe.
  • i am NOT a fan of telemarketers! i know that is totally random, but as i'm typing, one is calling. annoying!!
  • i'm 7 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight. i'm about 12-15 away from where i would like to be. i hate dieting! i guess some exercise would probably help.

i think i'll stop the randomness now. my train of thought is derailing...something to do with a sick 2-year old and a hungry 2-month old...


Meems said...

Stop the madness! That is alot of information coming from you:)

I am with you on the summer thing. Let it begin.

seph said...

that is definitely a lot of information coming from you! i love it. i know sick days suck, but isn't it just a little sweet to hang out with your boys? :) can't wait to take that baby back off your hands tomorrow morning. holding a baby boy means something altogether different now!!

Nanna's Place said...

I totally relate with the golf thing. I also play second to golf....We'll have to get together when they play golf.....