Thursday, March 13, 2008

the bus story

some of you may have been wondering what the heck the "bus story" is from kj's comment on the previous post.

the other day, i was taking jacob to school. we were spelling various words on the way. i would say a letter and he would repeat it. we spelled words like "spiderman", "car", "jacob", etc.

we saw a school bus. i asked jacob if he wanted to spell "bus". of course he did. he was so excited.

here's how it went...

me: B!

jacob: B!

me: U!

jacob: ME!

now if you ask him how to spell bus, he says "b - me!".

we never made it to the s because i was laughing so hard.


JAC said...

That is so very funny! Write it down in a memory book to keep forever!

kablot spot said...

That's great!

beautiful chaos said...

I miss that little guy! He's so funny!

ree said...

That is a great story!
Seriously, he is the funniest kid!

kj said...

love it!