Wednesday, July 11, 2007

so long ago

i'm sitting at lake view today. i volunteered to proctor a couple days of summer taks testing to make some extra cash. pretty easy work.

i was looking on my computer at all my files and came across pictures of jacob.

this is my all-time favorite. it was taken on valentine's day 2006. he was 7 months old!

it barely looks like him. look at his chubby face. i can hardly believe it!

it seems like yesterday, he was still letting me swaddle him like a baby.

now when i do it, he looks at me and says, "oh, the baby!"

what has happened here?


Missy said...

He is still so adorable.

rw said...

i felt the same way when i was digging out pics of my baby. enjoy every minute they go by so fast.

PB&J said...

It was really fun today. I enjoyed your company. Have a good one.